Local Leader & Pledge FAQs

(I would love to respond to everyone personally, but given the overwhelming response to this campaign I’d have to clone myself in order to do so. In the interest of getting your questions answered, I’ve created this FAQ. If there is a question not answered here, please let me know and we’ll add it!)

FAQ: When will RETURN TO ZERO be in theaters?

A: There is no guarantee that RETURN TO ZERO will be in theaters. There are hundreds of films made every year with name stars that do not make it into theaters. That is why we have started the Local Leader campaign and our Pledge drive. With your help we can get Hollywood to listen and get RTZ into theaters to help break the silence! If we can prove to distributors that there is an audience for this film–which we know there is–then RETURN TO ZERO will be released. Hopefully, that means it will make it to your local theater in late 2013 or early 2014.

FAQ: Why are you doing this? What purpose do Local Leaders serve?

A: The making of a film is only half of the job. The next step is securing distribution to make sure the film makes it into theaters so that people can watch it. And because RETURN TO ZERO tells an important story that’s never been told before, we want to share it with as many people as possible. Local Leaders have the important job of encouraging people in their communities and social circles to commit to seeing RETURN TO ZERO on opening weekend. This will help our RTZ team prove to distributors that there is an audience for this film.

FAQ: Can I still become a Local Leader?

A: Yes! Absolutely. We have Local Leader forms in English, Spanish, French, and Italian! It’s that easy.

FAQ: What are my responsibilities as a Local Leader?

A: Becoming a Local Leader for RETURN TO ZERO means spreading the word about this important film through social media, e-mail and contact with people in your local communities. By “community” we don’t just mean the community you physically live in, but your entire social circle around the country or around the globe. You are the key to making sure that people everywhere know about RETURN TO ZERO and commit to seeing it. If you are as excited as we are about making this film accessible to a worldwide audience, then a Local Leader could be YOU!

FAQ: What is our goal?

A: Your personal goal as a Local Leader is to get 100 people to Pledge to see the film opening weekend. Our collective goal is to get 150,000 people (or more!) to Pledge to see the film opening weekend. That will speak volumes to Hollywood. That will get this film into theaters. That is what will help break the silence and help create real change. And if you become a Local Leader you get a cool gift from us just for signing up–plus we have created rewards and challenges to make it even more fun!

FAQ: What kind of cool stuff? And what rewards and challenges are you talking about?

A: Aha! We thought you’d ask. Here’s a video about our Local Leader rewards and challenges.

FAQ: How do I go about collecting and submitting Pledges?

A: Securing pledges is easy. You don’t have to “collect” anything. Simply share the electronic pledge form with your family, friends, co-workere, neighbors and others in your social media circles and in your community, encouraging them to sign up. By completing and submitting the electronic form, they are showing their support and committing to see RTZ in theaters during opening weekend. Make sure that those whom you recruit fill in your name in the “Who is your LOCAL LEADER?” field on the form so that you receive credit for the pledge. We have Pledge forms in English, Spanish, and German. We’re also working on French & Italian.

FAQ: How do I track how many people I have signed up in my name?

A: Make sure you have your Pledges fill out YOUR NAME in the “Who is your local leader?” question in the pledge form. That way we can keep track of your Pledges and count them towards your total.

FAQ: Is there any way for me to track how many pledges we have signed up? How will we know how many of our folks have signed up?

A: We’re working on that! The response to our Local Leader campaign and Pledge drive has been overwhelming, so thank you for your patience. Stay tuned for more information on how to do that.

FAQ: As Local Leaders do we also need to fill out the pledge to see the movie?

A: Yes, please fill out a Pledge form for yourself so that we have an accurate total of the number of Pledges we have received.

FAQ: What if more than one Local Leader has signed up for the same town/city?

A: There are many cities and towns with more than one leader. Even one theater in one town in one week can hold thousands of people! So, if more than one person has signed up in a city or town that’s a good thing! We will eventually be connecting all local leaders from the same area so that they can work together if they choose.

FAQ: Is there a way to find out if there is a local leader already in your area?

A: Unfortunately, we have one person handling all communications & social media (the writer/director-Sean) so we won’t be able to address this request.

FAQ: What is the deadline for collecting Pledges?

A: The deadline to get all of your pledges in is midnight on Thursday, June 20th, 2013!

FAQ: I don’t see a Local Leader or Pledge form in my language or the language of my country. How can I get one in my language?

A: Please e-mail us at info@returntozerothemovie.com and we’ll find a way to make it happen. Maybe you’d like to help us translate it!

FAQ: How do I find my nearest Local Leader?

A: You do not have to have a Local Leader to fill out the Pledge form. We will eventually be organizing communities for screenings and informational events by city/province and state/country.

FAQ:  Can you send me the names and contact information for the folks in my area so we can coordinate our plan of attack?

A: Absolutely. We will be putting all Local Leaders in touch with one another as soon as possible. Thank you for your patience.

FAQ: Should I be talking directly to my local theaters or just soliciting pledges?

A: There is no need to approach your local theaters directly at this point. Simply share the electronic pledge form with as many people as you can to maximize the number of pledges.

FAQ: I live in a small town. Should I still try to collect pledges?

A: Absolutely! The more people in the more places that want to see this film will help improve its chances for wide release.

FAQ: Besides the electronic pledge form, are there flyers, postcards or other promotional materials that I can use to encourage pledges in my local community?

A: We’re working on our marketing materials to be included at events, remembrance walks and boards at yoga studios and coffee shops. Please stay tuned for more information–we’ll be distributing those soon.

FAQ: When will we know if the film will screen in my area?

A: Once we have secured distribution for RETURN TO ZERO and information becomes available regarding theater showings we will be excitedly sharing that information with you through our e-mail lists and social media channels. When we know, you’ll know!

FAQ: People are asking to see a trailer for the film–when will one be available?

A: We won’t have a trailer for RETURN TO ZERO until after we have our World Premiere at a festival this fall. But we have released a First Glimpse! It will give you more information about the film, a few interviews from the cast, director and producer and you’ll see a few shots from the film! Check it out.

FAQ: According to the information you wrote about the movie, it is about stillbirth. I am interested to know if this film and campaign also supports neonatal loss?

A: This is a very important question. We welcome all families who have had a baby die to see the film and join this movement to break the silence. The couple in RTZ experience a stillbirth, something never shown in a film before. However, we recognize that the family dynamics and implications for life after loss also relates when someone has a miscarriage, a neonatal death, or any infant loss. These little ones are often not seen as important enough to warrant legitimate grief. Our take on this is, if any loved baby dies too soon, their parents deserve support and compassionate care. And these parents have the right to love and miss them forever.

FAQ: Can I get a copy of RETURN TO ZERO to screen before deciding whether I want to become a Local Leader?

A: Unfortunately, no. For copyright protection and to retain our World Premiere festival status we can not send anyone a screener. But you’re welcome to check out our First Glimpse to find out a bit more about the film!

FAQ: Will people be able to bring their children to this film? What is it rated?

A: RETURN TO ZERO is an adult film with adult content. It is not recommended for children. It has not yet been rated by the MPAA but we anticipate an “R” rating as the film contains adult themes, adult situations and some language.

FAQ: Can you tell me anything else about the content of RETURN TO ZERO?

A: RETURN TO ZERO takes an unflinching look at stillbirth from the perspective of a couple whose son dies in utero late in their pregnancy. It is based on a true story and in order to be honest to that experience we have included difficult, emotional, dramatic scenes. In order to be real we had to face these scenes and situations head-on. As far as the content, here’s a synopsis of the film.

FAQ: What plans are being made to have support services accessible for families after screenings of the film?

A: We encourage groups of adults to watch the film together, be it families, grief support groups, medical staff, etc. This film is sure to spark intense emotions in some and we hope important conversations as well. We are honored to have the support of many wonderful organizations that provide support to families affected by stillbirth and other forms of infant death. Currently we are consulting with those groups to find way to have helpful support resource information accessible to our audiences worldwide.

FAQ: I personally have not experienced a stillbirth. How could/would I be helpful?

A: You do not have to have experienced a stillbirth in order to help out. The best way to help spread the word about RETURN TO ZERO is to sign up as a Local Leader! And then help to get people to pledge to see the film opening weekend!

FAQ: Would you be willing to talk to local (or national) media about the film?

A: Absolutely. Please e-mail us at info@returntozerothemovie.com for any media requests.

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16 comments on “Local Leader & Pledge FAQs
  1. Jessica O'Dell says:

    Would you be able to give specifics as to why the film is rated R? Just so I know what to tell people! Thank u!

  2. Dear Sean
    I would like to translate the Local Leader form to Portuguse, if you think I can help. Please, send me your email address.
    Thank you

  3. Lindsey says:

    I posted about the film on my personal facebook page and encouraged others to pledge to see the film. I explained what it was about, the goals of the film, and the difference the film can make. Only 3 people acknowledged it. Everyone else was silent. Not sure how to break the silence by getting this film to Holllywood if everyone gets uncomfortable when I mention the subject of the film. Do you have any advice on how to get people to want to see a film about child loss and not feel so uncomfortable?

  4. Requetta Martin says:

    I personally have not experienced a stillbirth, but a neonatal loss. How could/would I be helpful. People may ask me how can I relate.

  5. Deborah says:

    I am not tech savvy so how do I attach the pledge form in an email or on FB? Thanks for making this film.

    • Otir says:

      Deborah, you are not obliged to attach the pledge form, you may instead give the link in the body of your message.
      If you know how to copy/paste, copy the link: http://bit.ly/16H3uNz
      and paste it into the email or in the message on Facebook and it will take people who click on it to the pledge.

  6. Requetta says:

    I have suffered a neonatal loss…would I be very effective leader if the movie deals with stillborn loss?

    • Linzee says:

      I think you can most definitely promote this stillbirth movie, with your experience of neonatal loss. While stillbirth is different from your loss there are some similarities: a mom is suffering the death of her child and post partum at the same time….this is major crazy stress that most people don’t consider. Put your personal voice to this message and let family/friends know the movie is a conversation starter…. healing can’t begin to happen if there is no conversation about the subject. “Break the Silence” is a great motto: our society doesn’t want to talk about stillbirth and infant death–it is painful….but these precious babies deserve a voice and so do their parents. We mom’s who have suffered infant loss can help break the silence about our own suffering and help each other survive. I am asking for people to pledge to see the movie in memory of my son, maybe you can do the same: turn your grief into a purpose and keep your baby’s memory alive!!

  7. Kami says:

    Hi- Are you still taking donations for our baby’s names to appear in the credits or has that since passed? Thank you!

  8. Renee Wick says:

    I have some individuals that are not really wanting to share their email address for fear of spamming and etc…… Can we submit a form without their email? Or can we just use ours as their local leader?

    • Sean says:

      Hi Renee! No worries. Just use yours as their local leader. The reason we’re asking for e-mails is that the e-mail provides verification to the distributor that these are “real” people and not fictitious. FYI–there will be no spamming whatsoever. These e-mails will only be used for the express purpose of letting people know the status of the film and when/how they can see the film.

  9. sego says:

    hi Sean, I’d like to become a Local Leader, but do not want to give my address… can i still become a local leader???

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