Silêncio da Luz

(This is a guest blog by Marcia who created Silencio da Luz in Brazil after losing her daughter, Luiza.)

Hello, I am Marcia and write from Campinas, Brazil.

Our story started nineteen years ago, when I had a beautiful girl stillborn. At that time my family and I were living in England. The girl’s name is Luiza and I can remember everything as it has happened yesterday.

It was beginning of spring and I was waiting this day for a long time. When we arrived at the Hospital to get a child, the doctor sad that Luiza was dead inside my womb. This news was traumatic, since instead of an expectation of life, we found desperation and sadness.

Soon after the death of our baby, we were given information about SANDS (Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Charity), which offered help by phone, leaflets and self help group.

When we came back to live in Brazil, we realized that there isn’t help, or even support, for parents and families who experience the loss of their babies. The Brazilian Health System provides only the physical recovery. So, the woman is discharged from the hospital despite being in mourning for her lost. There is a clear lack of humane care protocol by hospitals and health centers.

In Brazil, these tragic deaths occur every 160 pregnancies.

In memory of our daughter who came into the world silently, we created Silêncio da Luz , a project to help people who (or know someone who) lost a baby before birth or shortly after birth. In this site, we propose to gather information with the help of organizations in England (SANDS) and Spain (Umamanita), testimony of parents, and researches related to this theme.

Kind regards,

Marcia & Luiz

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