RTZ Non-profit Screening Series

The producers of RETURN TO ZERO have negotiated with our amazing distributor the opportunity to allow one-night theatrical fundraising screenings of the film for non-profit organizations.

This is one of the many ways that we, the filmmakers, want to say “thank you” to the organizations who have supported us throughout the journey of making this film–and to the organizations who continue to spread the word out about RETURN TO ZERO and further our mission of breaking the silence on stillbirth, miscarriage and neonatal loss.

By contract we are allowed only 10 of these non-profit fundraising screenings per year. Therefore, we will need to be very selective and require each non-profit to fill out an application here: RTZ NONPROFIT SCREENING SERIES 2014

We will require proof of non-profit status before granting any organization a spot in our screening series. There will be NO exceptions.

Please be prepared and be specific when filling out the form. You will be asked:
- The name of your organization and your mission statement
- The date you would like to host a screening, and 2 back-up dates
- The theater(s) who you have contacted about hosting a screening and a link to their site
- The number of people you anticipate attending the screening
- If there are any other activities/events planned around the screening (pre-party, dinner, reception)
- The financial benefit you anticipate this will bring your organization
- If you would be interested in flying one or more of the filmmakers to your event to speak or have a Q&A after the screening

For planning purposes, please do not submit an application for hosting a screening within 60 days of the submission. (i.e. if you are submitting an application on June 1st, your preferred fundraising screening date should not be before August 1.)

Please allow 2 – 4 weeks for us to respond to your request. And we do apologize in advance if you are turned down for this year’s screening series. You are welcome to re-submit for next year.

We look forward to receiving your applications and will be in touch!

Discussion Guide

You can download the RETURN TO ZERO "Discussion Guide for Bereaved Parents" here.