Journal and Discussion Guide for Bereaved Parents

One of the most important missions of RETURN TO ZERO is to open up discussion surrounding stillbirth, miscarriage and neonatal loss. To that end we have teamed up with Grief Educator Cath Duncan to create the “RETURN TO ZERO Journal and Discussion Guide for Bereaved Parents”.

This important workbook is a service of RETURN TO ZERO and Cath Duncan and is free to the public and downloadable from this website. The workbook contains a host of questions, discussion points and a journal entries that takes the individual reader or grief group through a structured analysis of their own journey by discussing the journey that Maggie (Minnie Driver) and Aaron (Paul Adelstein) take in RETURN TO ZERO.

We encourage everyone who is interested to download this discussion guide and take a look. Our hope is that people will get together in their communities to discuss, support and understand more about this very specific and tragic loss experience.

You can download the discussion guide here.

Discussion Guide

You can download the RETURN TO ZERO "Discussion Guide for Bereaved Parents" here.