Return to Zero Center for Healing


Return to Zero Center for Healing

In 2013, Kiley Hanish and her husband Sean made RETURN TO ZERO in the belief that as a film, it would help to shatter the stigma and silence associated with stillbirth. By sharing their personal tragedy, they wished that others would find healing and even hope for the future. But RETURN TO ZERO became much more than they anticipated – the film launched as a grass roots movement that has reached across continents and language barriers and has galvanized a global community.

The success of the movie continues to help those who have experienced the heartbreak of stillbirth to feel as though they are not alone. It has created and inspired communities around the world that allow people to grieve a loss that has heretofore been silent in society, and its impact has been transcendent for people who have only known grief in solitude.

The Return to Zero Center for Healing developed organically and as a result of the film’s positive impact. It helps others to find hope and healing after the death of their baby through outreach, education, research, and retreats.

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Discussion Guide

You can download the RETURN TO ZERO "Discussion Guide for Bereaved Parents" here.