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79 comments on “Pledge & Local Leader Links
  1. Jamie Evans says:

    We just lost our son at 35 weeks due to a prelabor uterine rupture and now I feel so strongly about this film! I hope everyone else sees the importance and pledge to see it! Thanks for making such a heartfelt movie.

    • Lucia Lower says:

      We lost our baby girl Lainey Madison at 36 weeks, cause still unknown. We have entered a new community on April 4, 2013, the day Lainey was stillborn. I’m grateful to learn of this project and will do my best to support it. I thank everyone for their efforts.

      • Rain Zeccolo says:

        Lucia, I am so sorry you lost your daughter Lainey. We lost our son, River, on April 4, 2008 at 42 weeks. Much love to you and yours.

    • jamie,

      So sorry to hear about the loss of your son. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

      Blog: Martymom’s Musings

  2. Emma Grey says:

    Important topic. I pledge to attend, and share the word through my business networks.

  3. Leesa Curtis says:

    I have lost my ONLY TWO BABIES… Both Stillborn.
    Daniel @ 27 weeks & Allee @ 23 weeks.
    We NEED to break the Silence about Baby Loss!!

    • Regina Monn says:

      I’m sorry you and your family had to go through that. I just lost my little girl 2 weeks ago. Idk if I could ever go through that again. You must be a very strong woman.<3

  4. Sarah says:

    On April 4, 2013 I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl whom I named Neriah. With my diaper bag, carseat & labor bag I headed to the hospital to finally meet this baby I’ve bonded with for the last 9mths. When I got there I found out that at 40 weeks pregnant my precious daughter had no heartbeat. She was 7 pounds even & 21 inches long. Loosing a child is the worst pain ever & Im currently learning how to do life without my first born. Please supposed this film!

  5. Leanne Carline says:

    We lost our 3rd son at 40+5 in November last year. I arrived at hospital in advanced labour and was told shortly after arriving that our baby had died. Everything went so quick from that point and he was born soon after. Hopefully this film will raise awareness and get people talking about stillbirth. I will definitely be going to see it.

    • what is your maternal age? I am concerned about how hospitals are allowing women who are over maternal age to go so long. basically we should be checked via ultrasound from 35 weeks onwards i believe. I am 39 and my baby died at 36 weeks.. I was 38 yrs old at the time..

  6. Michelle says:

    I may need a whole box of Kleenex or raid the napkin dispenser but we certainly need to bring more awareness to the devastation and heartbreak. There are movies based on just about every life event BUT this….I’ll be there supporting all families, all babies and all involved.

  7. Felicity says:

    This is an aspect of life that needs to be made more public so that families don’t feel so isolated and alone. No one should have to suffer the loss of a child and perhaps getting it out into the public spotlight may bring more support, for families, research and funding in general

  8. Claudia Jenilian says:

    I think this topic should definitely be made into a film.

  9. Courtney Woodgeard says:

    My son Bailey was stillborn at 30 weeks gestation, cause unknown on October 29th 1999. Not a day goes by that I don’t think of him with love in my heart. My deepest sympathies go out to all who have lost a precious child. I will stand beside each of you to help break the silence that surrounds child and infant loss. Sending my love, Courtney

  10. Taryn says:

    We lost our sweet boy at 24 weeks. We pledge in honor of him!

  11. Melise browder says:

    Love you court!! God bless you

  12. Lisa Thompson-Boudrea says:

    My husband and I lost four babies in five years. Our three sons were born pre-mature and sadly did not not survive and our precious baby girl was still born. We are not alone! Thousands and thousands of families have been on this sad journey and many times without much understanding from society. There needs to be more exposure to this specific type of loss and grief! We will be therer!

  13. Sarah says:

    Lost my angel July 22, 2012 at 5 weeks. I will watch in honor of my lost angel baby.

  14. Christine says:

    My husband and I lost our first child, a beautiful baby boy named Evan, on November 5, 2012 at 18 + 5 weeks. Cause is unknown though it was more likely due to placental abruption.

    Losing Evan was the hardest thing I’ve ever had to deal with. There were many times when I felt so alone and isolated. No one I knew had lost a child, let alone a baby.

    Hollywood makes films about every topic under the sun. I can’t think of one film that touches on infant loss. Though I know I will cry my eyes out during this film, I pledge to see this movie in honor of my angel, Evan, and all other angel babies.

  15. Kristin Frey says:

    We lost our son Dezmin at 36.5 weeks. Its important to let other grieving parents know that they can and will make it after losing a child . it is the hardest road to travel but we will make it <3 thank you for making this movie!! I'll watch!!

  16. Jessica M says:

    My daughter was born sleeping at 20 wks on July 24, 2012. Several family members and friends have also had babies born sleeping, most of whom would also love to see return to zero

  17. tara c says:

    I pledge in memory of our first born, he was born at 26 weeks and passed 14 days later in my arms. Always in our hearts!

  18. Abby says:

    This topic.def. is important and needs to be made into a movie.

  19. Abby says:

    So important and should be made into a movie for the whole world to see.

    • Sean says:

      It has been made into a film, Abby! Now we just need the world to see it!

      • This is so true!!!! The world needs to see it and also know what stillbirth is!!! Many people do not know anything about this subject . And many parents are silent about it happening to them but not me! I am open about my story and love telling people I had a daughter

        • And you STILL HAVE a daughter. No one can take that away from you. Sorry for your loss :-( Grateful that you can talk about her. We do need to educate the world one person at a time. With this movie, we can do it one Theater at a time. Join the fight everyone…we NEED this movie. Recruit……please.

  20. Christine says:

    I pledge after loosing 4 pregnancies via miscarriage and then almost loosing my premature son at 31 weeks that this topic has to be made into a film for the world to see. The one thing that amazed me was how much others have also suffered through the loss of a child either through miscarriage or stillbirth but still it’s an unheard struggle suffered by thousands around the world every day.

  21. Jo says:

    We lost our little girl, Samara Rose, at 40 weeks. Nothing breaks your heart like losing a child.

  22. Alana Phillips says:

    I lost 9 children to miscarriage and a beautiful son to stillbirth at 22 weeks before I FINALLY had a successful pregnancy. I live in a smaller community that is mainly retirement age. I had no support. I pledge to see this film. People need to know they aren’t alone and the world needs to understand our situation. Our loss is not simple! It does not matter we haven’t met our children, WE ALREADY KNOW THEM AND LOVE THEM!

  23. My husband and I lost our daughter, Isabela Rocio Castillo, at 26 and a half weeks. I have gone through many things in life but losing her was the hardest thing I have ever gone through. The doctors said I suffered from a silent placenta abruption. December 16th, 2012 was the saddest yet greatest day of my life. I met and had to say good bye to my beautiful baby girl. I do many things to remember her. My husband and I just did an memorial photo shoot, I have an origami owl necklace in memory of her , and I am recently organizing a fundraiser to raise awareness! I wear my neckalace everyday! I actually started selling origami owl to take up some of my time and to help others tell their story through living lockets.

  24. My husband and I lost our daughter, Isabela Rocio Castillo, at 26 and a half weeks. I have gone through many things in life but losing her was the hardest thing I have ever gone through. The doctors said I suffered from a silent placenta abruption. December 16th, 2012 was the saddest yet greatest day of my life. I met and had to say good bye to my beautiful baby girl. I do many things to remember her. My husband and I just did an memorial photo shoot, I have an origami owl necklace in memory of her , and I am recently organizing a fundraiser to raise awareness! I wear my neckalace everyday! I actually started selling origami owl to take up some of my time and to help others tell their story through living lockets.



  25. Kara says:

    Both my children are not living. Our daughter Julia Rose and our son Evan Riley. Is RtZ showing in Brisbane, Australia?

  26. Sarah Roberts says:

    We lost our baby Callum on 29th March 2013 at 14 weeks and lost all hope and dreams at the same time. We will pledge to watch return to zero in the cinema

  27. Amanda says:

    I have lost 2 babies, my first was at 15 weeks with no heart beat and my 2nd baby at 6 months termination due to severe spina bifidia – this was the hardest decision I had to make in my life, both my husband and I were/are totally crushed. I live with this every day, 5 years of IVF and to have lost 2 beautiful babies, Our son Christopher will live on forever in our hearts.. I miss my babies so much…

  28. Jade says:

    My grandson was stillborn at 38 weeks in 2011 and it was sheer devastation for my whole family. Eight months later my 14 year old granddaughter passed away from playing the choking “game”. my family is still reeling in pain two years later. Thank you for bringing much needed awareness to the public, your efforts will not go unnoticed.

  29. A benvenuto says:

    In honour of the beautiful babies now in heaven, and their mums and dads who still long for them, my heart goes out to you all and I pledge to see this film to share in your loss and to celebrate precious families everywhere.

  30. Patti LeBlanc says:

    Our 4th child, Michel, was stillborn at full term due to detached cord. It was not expected at all and a shock to the whole family. It was very difficult to go through the next pregnancy as there was never a ‘safe’ time but our next son was named in honor of his brother. This film needed to be made. I pledge my whole family will see this film.

  31. Jennifer says:

    At 42 I was pleasantly surprised to find out I
    Was pregnant with twins (naturally) at 8wks
    I lost the 1st twin. My fiancé and I decided
    Not to due an amnio & risks the life of the
    other twin, but did do blood work to test for
    Chromosomal disorders. The test came back
    perfect and we got to see our SON sucking
    his thumb!!! I was over the moon! I have 2
    daughters from my 1st marriage & always
    wanted a lil boy! (This was my finances 1st
    child) I was starting to feel those little “flutters”
    and would talk to our son nightly. At 18wks
    I woke up to a bit of spotting but was told by
    my OB not to worry, that it was probably
    the deceased twin being “re absorbed”
    I calmly drove to the Drs for an ultrasound
    but had an overwhelming feeling of dread.
    They started the ultrasound but there was NO
    lil flicker on the screen….no heartbeat.
    I was admitted to the hospital and went through
    7hrs of labor before my lil angel was born.
    Wyatt Edward Harris was born into heaven
    on Nov 22, 2011
    No one, not even my fiancé wants to discuss
    this loss. I went through a rollercoaster of
    emotions as there is no official cause of death.
    Ready the stories of others that have gone
    through similar situations have helped me heal!
    I will see this movie with my fiancé & have shared
    the link with others. It’s time to break the silence
    & remember these precious little ones!
    Gob bless those that made this possible!
    I believe not only will this film help heal but
    I believe it may just save lives!

  32. Jody Coulter says:

    The loss of a child is the most devestating event in a parents life, no one should under estimate the pain, it is very real. After 6 early miscarriages, a loss at 15 weeks and a stillbirth at 25 weeks, we now have our little miracle, Lachlan, we are very blessed to have our son, we will always feel blessed. We burn a candle each evening for Oliver and Eli, remembering every day our precious sons, and now talk to Lachie about his brothers. It is unfortunate this loss is so silent, I pledge to watch “return to zero” and remember all our babies. My heart breaks for those who experience this trauma and hope you all find peace with your loss, we have xxxxxxx

  33. shawna reefer-bradley says:

    I have lost 3 babies in 7 years I now have a beautiful little girl I believe people need to see this to have the support they need.

  34. Fyre says:

    On June 21, 1993 my son Christopher was born sleeping at only 22 weeks. Although 7 years later I had another child, nothing can replace him.

  35. Molly says:

    I have a dear friend who lost her daughter. I would gladly see the movie.

  36. Julie says:

    I had 2 miscarriages early in the pregnancies and still feel the heartache everyday. You are a true inspiration to so many. I would watch the movie.

  37. Jennifer Johnson says:

    There are so many of us who lost our babies in one way or another…. It makes me feel so comforted, to know I’m not alone, and so sad at the same time. Thank you Mr Hanish for making this film. I will never be able to thank you enough.

  38. I applied to be a local leader several days ago and haven’t received a response. Can you please tell me if you received my application and if I can still be a local leader?

    • Sean says:

      Hi Diedre! I’ll be getting to all of the new Local Leader forms tomorrow. I’ve been swamped with the Pledge drive and organizing Local Leaders around the world this week–and it’s only me here doing all of this (yikes!) Thank you for your patience. I’ll be in touch soon.

  39. Misty says:

    10 years ago I had an early miscarriage and then lost a daughter to triploidy at 27 weeks. I left that relationship and married a wonderful man last year. Last month, I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and am feeling so blessed. When I look at her, I sometimes wonder if her sister would have looked like her. I think this movie will help parents heal and I will pledge to see it–and to share it with others. Thank you and God bless you for sharing this.

  40. Katy says:

    For all that have lost I am deeply deeply sorry. I will see the movie in honor of those angels lost.

  41. Saralynn says:

    This is a topic that needs to be talked about, a film is a great way to start the discussion.

  42. Allison says:

    Drew Tyler Davis
    Full Trisomy 13
    Born and passed May 13th 2010
    Kisses to Heaven <3

  43. MARIA says:

    Please share and pledge. I lost my grandson SHAHZAD on July 23, 2011 he was still born and its the worst feeling ever as I never got to see or hold him in person as my daughter Margarita lived in Oregon. We need your help to get as many ppl as possible to to re post and share.

  44. Amanda says:

    I have pledged in memory of our baby girl, Addison Hope, who was stillborn at 22 weeks. Today is her 2 month “angelversary”. Reading these comments is very comforting, and I thank you so much for breaking the silence by making this movie. <3

  45. Summer says:

    I pledge to see the movie in honor of my daughter Jayda Lynne. She was born still at 23 weeks on April 24, 2010. If this movie helps even one mother feel less alone in her grief… it’s priceless.

  46. Michelle Garcia says:

    I will sport my sister Margarita & nephew shazad

  47. Nidia says:

    We lost our only daughter at 39 weeks on 1/19/2009. My heart is forever broken and forever altered. I want to feel understood. I want people to watch this to help bring awareness to stillbirth. I am definitely going to see this film and bringing as many people as I can with me.

  48. Julie Mcghee Peck says:

    I loss my Son …Josiah Julian Peck to SIDS …he was born on 1/2/2011 & passed away on 4/1/2011. my Heart still Breaks every day at the thought of loosing him. Mommy Loves you Baby Boy… Fly High baby Boy Until We Meet Again!!!! <3

  49. millie wilson says:

    I am more than happy to sign this pledge in honour of my darling granddaughter who was taken to quickly from us.My heart will always be with you my little angel.

  50. Sharon E. Adam says:

    June 11, 2013
    I am certainly pledging to see Return To Zero, I and two other friends. It is an honor to be amongst many who are supporting this film to be seen in the theaters. My daughter lost her son at 6 months. I was able to hold my grandson. It was so moving and many of my daughter’s friends were able to hold her son. It was hard to see my daughter go through the birth knowing her son had died in her womb. It has been 7 years and I still remember holding my grandson, Avery. Peace and Love to all those Mothers, Fathers, and Grandparents who had and are involved in support of this movie.

  51. MotherToAnAngelBaby says:

    I have no had a stillborn angel but I do have an angel I lost him before 20 weeks to miscarriage. The loss of a child is devastating and still so taboo. I will definitely be watching this movie.

  52. Kristi Angel Davine's Mommy says:

    I lost my Davine to miscarriage not stillbirth. But whether it be miscarriage\stillbirth the loss of a baby is something no parent should ever have to go through. I pledge to watch this movie for my angel and all angels born still.

  53. Natasha Wright says:

    I will pledge to see this movie in memory of my angelboy Michael. He was born asleep (stillborn) at 40 weeks and 4 days on 30th May 2008. Cause of death was put down to a extra long umbilical cord with a large knot. They were not 100% sure if this was the cause. I have also had a misscarriage at just under three weeks.

  54. Kathryn Malec says:

    Lots my baby at 17 weeks Aug 1 2012… Totally support this!

  55. jenna demarchi says:

    I lost my first baby at 9 weeks. I will always have a hole in my heart. As soon as that test says positive you become a mother. And no mother should lose a child. I will never be the same. I support this as I think its a subject that is so sensitive it gets pushed to the back burner.

  56. Nicole Davis says:

    My husband and found out on March 29, 2013 that we were losing our first baby to miscarriage. It has been one of the hardest emotional trials I’ve been through and I pledge to see this movie not only in memory of my own child, but in honor of all the families suffering this pain! While it is devastating that this movie is needed it is good to see that the silence is being broken and hopefully it will empower women everywhere that are going through the loss of a child to break the silence, stop grieving in silence, and speak up about their experiences. We can change how the world views miscarriage, still birth, and pregnancy loss. Only we can stop the topics from being so taboo. I also vow to speak up about my own miscarriage and to be there for other women and families going through similar experiences.

  57. David Bankston says:

    I feel strongly about this, but this hasn’t happened to me. I wish more people would care before it happens to them personally. We’re all so wrapped up in our own worlds and problems that we forget to be concerned about the issues others are dealing with.

  58. Janet says:

    On April 15th 2013 I found out I had had a missed miscarriage. I naturally miscarried the very next evening and held my wee baby in the palm of my hand. I had to be rushed into hospital because I was hemorrhaging. It took me sometime to physically recover, however mentally and emotionally I am shattered.
    One thing I have noticed is that people barely talk about it. Out of all the people I know, only 3 have talked to me about my loss. I don’t know why… are they afraid they’re going to make me cry? I do lots of that. Are they uncomfortable? Do they just not know what to say?
    I pledge to see this movie, and I know I’ll cry. But it brings me some comfort that those who don’t know what I’ve been through, will catch a glimpse.

  59. Meghan says:

    I went to the doctors office this past Monday after I experienced spotting. I was 9.5 weeks pregnant with me and my husband’s first child. When I had the ultrasound done there was an eery silence from the ultrasound tech. I had a bad feeling that something was wrong. I went out to the waiting room to wait for my Dr. only to sit there and watch mothers getting their first ultrasound pics and new baby’s being brought in for their first visit. I had to keep the tears from rolling down my cheeks. The Dr told me that there was the amniotic sac but no baby. I had a mc. I did not hear a lot of what was said after that. It doesn’t matter if you are 9 weeks or 40. When you find out your pregnant it is one of the most joyous times if your life. I had mentally planned out how my life would be with this precious gift. But that ended, that was taken from me.

  60. Sharon E. Adam says:

    June 15, 2013

    My heart goes out to you. I know what you have been through cannot be put into words at first. The tears and sobs must come first and then the questioning. Please know that we are with you and your loss. Peace & Love Sharon

  61. Michelle Carr says:

    I will watch the film. I have lost 6 babies one at 23 weeks.

  62. Rebecca says:

    I was 28 years old and got pregnant for the first time. 9 weeks I had a miscarriage. Five months after that I was pregnant with my daughter. When I was five months pregnant I found out she was diagnosed with trisomy 18. She only live 15 hours when she was born. And now I am having a healthy beautiful boy. coming to say my daughter was born just this past October.

  63. Mary Holloway says:

    My son, Gunner died at 6 weeks old from SIDS (“undetermined”) no one understands the pain we feel every moment without our babies. We plan the rest of our lives with them. I completely lost myself, my dreams, my goals, my sanity, and my security in the world. This movie absolutely needs to be seen. Prayers and love for all families who go through loss of a child or baby.

  64. Patricia says:

    I will watch the film. I lost my daughter when she was 7.5 months old due to congestive heart failure. She was born with trisomy 18, diagnosed pre-natal.

  65. Jennifer says:

    I am glad that there is going to be a film about this topic. It is so hard to talk about and the comfort level in order to talk about it is hard too… My husband and I have been trying for children for 2 years and we have had two miscarriages throughout that time. Both children passed away in the fall about a year and 2 months apart. It doesn’t matter how far along you were because its just devastating to find out your dreams have been smashed and you lose hope to have children of your own. I hope this film teaches society that people need to think about what they say before they say it.

  66. Kev says:

    The best thing I see about this film is that fact that it will cover the emotions when trying after the loss. I cannot begin to imagine trying again. My son was not stillborn but was in the NICU and died 30 hours and 34 minutes later. And I need to feel like I am normal somewhere because all of a sudden I became an infectious, contagious disease that NO ONE must talk about for fear of catching it.

  67. Sharon E. Adam says:

    I fully understand and my heart goes out to you. You know when losing your baby stillborn, you feel so alone with your grief. Now with this movie you will know that there is so much to do in research and you will not be alone in your grief. This film should be out there so that all who have gone through losing their child will know that there is a need to continue on with research, support, and keeping the movement going.

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