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Hi All! Please consider putting our RETURN TO ZERO e-mail banner on your email until our world premiere on May 17th! Many, many thanks for helping to break the silence!


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  1. judy kendall says:

    Thank you for this outstanding film! Everyone should see it whether they have experienced a loss or not. It beautifully depicts how to respond,or not, to someone who has lost a baby.

    Your story mirrors our daughter’s loss exactly! Her reaction has been to create Layne’s Grace. She delivers Layne bags to various hospitals filled with the things that were helpful to her when they lost Layne. She includes a journal and pen, a picture frame with a beautiful poem (this is symbolic that pictures of the baby are perfectly appropriate), a blanket, outfit, and a small teddy bear. She received one and still has it. Her three year old slept with it for months. We have now delivered between 500-600 bags and find it hard to keep up, unfortunately, with the hospitals who want them. Again, thank you for this film. I have ordered it and will be anxious to get and share it.

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